Configure Multiple IP for Squid Proxy Server & hide Version and Hostname

This post shows how you can secure you squid proxy server by hiding proxy servers version and hostname and also tells how you can configure squid on multiple IP

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Proxy server is a computer system or application which is installed on computer system that works as a  acts as an agent or channel for requests from clients looking for resources from other servers. You can check see this post for more information about installation and configuration of Squid Proxy.

Now after installation when you try to check your IP in any site like it will show that you are using proxy along with the hostname and version of Squid proxy server which is a security concern.

1) Hide Proxy version & server hostname

a) Hide Squid Version

open “/etc/squid/squid.conf” in a editor like vim and search for “httpd_suppress_version_string” and enable it.



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