Guide to MS SQL 2008 Transactional Replication (Configure Distributor) Part – II

Distributor manage the data flow in complete replication setup. This post shows how you can configure Distributor and what the basic pre-configuration checklist

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In previous article (Step by Step Guide to MS SQL 2008 Transactional Replication over Internet Part – I) I have explained replication and how transactional replication work. Now I am going to explain some pre-configuration settings which need to be done before setting up MSSQL replication over Internet and also I will tell how to configure a Distribution Agent.


As we have seen in the Scenario that there are two servers i.e. one in US and second in India and following are the details

US Server:
Hostname: Master-DB
IP Address:

India Server:
Hostname: Slave-DB
IP Address:

Pre-configuration Settings:

MSSQL Version: Before configuring MSSQL Replication make sure same edition and version of MSSQL is installed on both the servers and also both have same versions of updates installed.

Server Hostname: Hostname plays a very important role in MSSQL Replication as it doesn’t support IP based Replication. So, its important that hostname of both the servers should resolve each other. This can be easily done by adding both the names in hosts file. Open and add following lines in hosts file located at “C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/hosts” on both the servers.        Master-DB        Slave-DB

Hostname in Database: Make sure the hostname you have set for the server is set for network name and the SQL Server instance name as well other wise you will get error “SQL Server replication requires the actual server name to make a connection to the server. Specify the actual server name.”

Setup Distributor Agent

In this setup we can going to configure the Distributor and Publisher on single server and following are the steps to configure Distributor.

1) Open MSSQL Management Studio on “Master-DB” Server and login into it using the Hostname.

2) Under Localhost right click on Replication folder and select “Configure Distribution…

1 300x260 Guide to MS SQL 2008 Transactional Replication (Configure Distributor) Part II



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